FBM: Greetings everyone over there in Cerebrum, be grateful to answer questions for From Beyond Metal
Mike:Hello there!Thanks a lot for the interest in Cerebrum!

FBM: We can give an introduction of his albumsMike: It contains 10 new songs plus two short instrumentals and it continues from where Spectral Extravagance ended…The vocals this time are handled by Jim as Apollon is no longer in the band…George Kollias is once again behind the drum kit and we also had George Skullkos learn and record the bass parts this time…

FBM: In this new album the sound is much more technical than earlier production
Mike:Yes i agree with you.In fact i appreciate you telling this as it shows that you really listened to it..Most people that are just ”casual” listeners dont notice that…But it really is much more technical in all aspects…But thats how it came out…And its not something we did on purpose…
FBM: There are many parts jazz on this record, according to studies can corroborate that jazz music is a big influence on metal music what you think about this?
Mike:I really like jazz and jazz fusion…I cant really tell if jazz is such a big influence to metal…Maybe in its more progressive genres…In Cerebrum its something that is added wherever we think is needed and its good for the song and not for any other reason…

FBM: What is the lyrical concept of “Cosmic Enigma”?
Mike:There is not a lyrical concept behind cosmic enigma…Maybe songs can connect to each other but that was not the purpose…There is no specific concept even in each song..The lyrics are open to interpretation depending on the listener…Only two songs have a specific subject…Self regenarate and Phobos manipulation…The first is about someone reaching his zero point and reborn from his ashes and the second about the use of fear in order to manipulate the masses..

FBM: How was the recording process for this album?
Mike:Everything was recorded in our own studio (B-House Studios) by Me and Jim,except from the drums which were recorded at Georges studio…Me and Jim (both being sound engineers too) also did the mixing and mastering of the album.. Whether it’s poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or slots, make sure your money https://parkirpintar.com/econo-lodge-lake-elsinore-casino-lake-elsinore-ca-92530/ goes towards your favourite games. It was a fun but also tiring process because we had to put a deadline to ourselves otherwise we d be still mixing or mastering…or even recording..haha..You know…searching for something better…
But we are very pleased with the final result…

FBM: George Kollias, also participated in the recording of “Cosmic Enigma” Like “Spectral Extravagance”, is the one for Cerebrum session musician?, How does sharing your time with Cerebrum and his other band?
Mike:Yes George is again with us…Well George is first of all a friend and fan of the band…We have found a new drummer to play with us in our shows and also a new singer so the line up is completed.So we dont have such problems because George is only an ”album” member…But when schedules allow it Cerebrum will play live with George….

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Mike:Well apart from putting the cd out we dont really have any tour support or something until now…They are doing what they say and we re ok with that but a little more promotion would be great! In each https://myhomes.tv/did-anyone-hit-the-mega-millions-jackpot-last-night/ category, you will find a dozen variants of games. Apart from that we have zero problems with them!

FBM: What can we say about the following bands and their album: Watchtower “Control and Resistance” Cynic “Focus” and Pestilence “Testimony of the Ancients”?
Mike:If i had to put them in order of preference i d say 1 Watchtower 2 Pestilence and 3 Cynic.. Playing free online casino games https://myhomes.tv/what-is-a-mini-royal-in-3-card-poker/ can be done anytime, and most importantly, from anywhere. I m more into the technical thrash of that era..Bands like Toxik,Voivod,Coroner…but of course death metal too…Atheist Nocturnus…And much more obscure bands…. In some https://parkirpintar.com/how-to-get-a-stick-n-poke-off/ cases, you might need to unlock the bonus using a unique code.

FBM: What do you think about downloading free music online? Disappear Physical disc?
Mike:I think that its ok..People in our days cant afford to spent a lot of money and the price of cds is high…So its good to have access to music…And if the music is good i think that people will support the band…So everybody wins…Except maybe for the labels..hahah

FBM: Final Words and farewell
Mike:Thank you very much for the interview and support!Hope you enjoy the album and pe to see you all in a show!!

By: Glibert V