Cerebrum are a technical death metal band from Greece founded by Mike and Jim in 2002 . In 2019 they will be releasing their third full length album entitled “Iridium”. The album is produced and mixed by Jim Touras and Mike Papadopoulos. All guitars and vocals were recorded at B-House Studio (except for the solo on “A Face Unknown” which was recorded at Sound X Studios and engineered by Alex Kostakiotis). Drums were recorded at Esoteron Studios. Mastering by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves studio and the artwork was made by Costin Chioreanu.

In this album, the band presents an evolved version of the form they created with their two previous records, ”Spectral Extravagance’’ (2009) and “Cosmic enigma” (2013) on which George Kollias from Nile played the drums. Raving reviews of both albums helped Cerebrum to enter the elite of contemporary technical death metal.Defkalion Dimos, a student of Kolias is the drummer on the new record. With its complex guitar parts of Jim and Mike and the bass parts of George Skullkos, the band follows in the steps of bands such as Atheist and Cynic.

Cerebrum are:

Mike Papadopoulos : Guitars

Jim Touras : Guitars,Vocals

George Skallkos : Bass

Defkalion Dimos : Drums